Abouts us

Debug s.r.l. was founded back in 1994 when the two partners running the business had the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic systems for firms and companies.
Since the beginning, the Company has invested in quality and serious commitment; its experience started with electronic boards designed for the Vending field. The word “Vending” refers to the automatic distribution of hot and cold food and drinks by means of vending machines called dispensers. Afterwards, the Company went on extending its projects to automation systems in the plastic field. Since then it has grown up over twenty years, consolidating its technological experience on the temperature control systems, on the supervision and movement of plants for the plastic material manufacture.
As time went by the team increased and improved its technical knowledge in different fields of appliance. Today Debug offers research, development, design, compliance and manufacture for high quality control systems to those companies that want their products to be equipped with the most innovating technologies.
In 2013, the Company decided that making pre-compliance tests directly inside their headquarters would have pushed further the research for innovation, so it bought an Absorber Chamber and its related measurement instruments.

Debug S.r.l. today
Today, our headquarter (inside the Industrial Building) is in an open space of 300 square meters where our staff, employed in different departments, co-operate to design and produce reliable innovating electronic systems.
Since 1994 when only two engineers worked for the company, Debug has grown up and it counts today six engineers, two technicians dedicated to production and an account department employee.