How Debug designs and develops products

Debug s.r.l. designs custom-made electronic systems
First Debug means “ability to design with care and precision”. We believe commitment, vocational training and teamwork necessary to project with high standard quality.
The design process includes several steps. First, we plan some general meetings during which we gather all the necessary information to fulfill the project, including technical documents supply. Then we arrange some inspections on site and last we draw up a specific technical document that will be the electronic system guideline throughout the engineering and manufacturing of the product.
Once all the customer’s requests have been established, we proceed selecting the most suitable hardware and software systems with a range of different solutions for the client.

A high standard quality process

The project department starts developing the hardware according to the specific requirements agreed with the client in advance. During the electronic board engineering, this department also starts designing the software so that a prototype of the whole project can be made in a short time lapse.
As soon as engineers fulfill a system design, they usually suggest our customers to realize a prototype too in order to test the product better and make it work properly at the same time.
During the functional tests of the product, which are usually carried out with the customer’s instruments, our technicians carefully scan the prototype behavior and make any necessary changes to improve the whole project and get it ready to be manufactured.

Gathering data feedbacks and manufacturing

A second version of the electronic system is then made according to the data feedbacks gathered during the prototype functioning tests. This new electronic version of the system is then installed in a pre-series production.
Once the system pre-series version has been definitely approved, the customer can ask Debug s.r.l. to supply all the necessary fixtures to manufacture it. Our project department will be available for any additional changes that may improve the software and sometimes the hardware too in order to keep the product up-to-date for the future.

Research and development for constant innovation

Research and development are Debug’s main strength in the marketplace. Our engineers always test new technologies in the electronic field, such as connections, user’s interface, software upgrading etc. and if they are reliable, we propose them to customers. In this way, during the engineering phase of a product, we can offer our customer not only the specific functions he requests but also the latest news available in the dynamic electronic market.