Electro-medical field

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Electro-medical field

Electronic control systems for operating tables.

As far as the electro-medical field is concerned, Debug has designed modern movement controls for operating tables giving a high technological contribution.
The operating table must not make undesired movements due to the delicate situations in which it is usually employed. Therefore, in our project, all movements are controlled by redundant systems.
Main board for table movements
The main board communicate by means of Uart or infrared connection with a remote control or console board; it makes all the requested movements and handles auxiliary functions.
Inclination sensors, sending inputs in I2C bus, are placed in every movement of the table to estimate position and keep the system always safe.
It checks the firmware good functioning through a watch-dog
It gives information to the surgery room through a WIFI connection
It measures and handles the battery charge of the operating table

Console board:

The console board is connected through Uart to the main board and the user can interface with it through a keyboard and a TFT LCD; it also handles a USB door for upgrading and to download log events.

Remote control board
Users can interface with the remote control board by means of an electro fluorescent keyboard and a TFT LCD display with touch screen. This board sends movement inputs to the operating table through a bidirectional IR transmission and safely controls the lithium battery charge.