Research & Development

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Research & Development

Research and development: a winning model

The whole project department of Debug s.r.l. is constantly looking for new technologies to develop, most of which are extremely innovating. This allow the Company to offer our clients reliable leading products; besides it gives our Company a knowledge that only few other Companies may have in this field.
Debug s.r.l. invests money and time in new technologies in order to be able to keep its libraries always updated with the new microprocessors, memories, signal converters, motors, electro valves etc. available in the market; in this way we obtain the best quality at the best price in some occasions and the utmost performances in some others.

Research and selection to keep up with times

The research and selection of new electronic systems let us offer the best products in every field. A good example is the wide selection of monochrome and color LCD systems, available at the right price in many sizes, such as 3.5”, 4.3”, 7” and 10.1” etc. and equipped with different technologies such as color or monochrome displays with or without both resistive and capacitive touch screens.
We dedicate our time and experience also to select switching or linear power supply in order to offer both very low power and high stability solutions.
As far as the electronic controlling systems are concerned, our Company keeps looking for innovating solutions about the low-tension charge control. Our experience makes us select the most suitable transistors, integrated or not, MOSFET or BJT according to specific requests.

Modern software creations

Any firmware is designed using a ‘C’ program (with RTOS operative system).
We supply safe and easy software updating solutions, which can be done through USB sticks, internet connections, MODBUS RTU or CAN BUS connections, IoT, etc.
Due to the increasing demand for the remote control of electronic boards, our Company is able to develop copyright libraries by using standard html, javascript, sql, css, php etc., with which we can create web servers inside the electronic boards that look like usual web sites.
The demand for remote controlling has led us to develop a platform in which we can realize supervising systems of the fixtures, even before the 4.0 trade package promotion.
At present Debug S.r.l. is supplying supervising systems on LINUX platforms, but products on Windows and Android platforms are also available.