Smoke bomb

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Smoke bomb

An important option for burglar alarms is the smoke bomb

In the market of burglar alarms and intrusion detection systems, smoke bombs have been used for a few years.
These systems connected to the burglar alarms make the burglar slow down and prevent its movements inside the room. When the alarm starts, they produce a thick mist blocking the view and therefore any movements inside a room.

Debug project

Since several years, Debug Srl has cooperated with a Company in Padua, leader in producing smoke bombs.
The electronic control system provides all the most important functions, including remote connection to the system itself. Users can connect to the alarm system through TCP/IP in two ways:
They can have access to the Web server inside the electronic board by means of a browser and then control the state of the plant and the history of the events.
They can also gather information and start controlling actions by means of a supervisory software. In this case, information will be exchanged in JASON format. This type of communications are obviously supported by the most modern technologies employed for safe transmissions.