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Vending –The market for the provision of services

The vending market includes dispensers of hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks, but also cigarette and change machines as well as vending machines for the provision of services.
Over twenty years of experience, Debug Srl is able to supply its customers with reliable and innovating products.
In the vending market, it is very important the interfacing with bill, coin and credit card readers.

Keeping up with updated libraries

Debug Srl keeps communication libraries always updated (DB, EXECUTIVE, CCTALK, EVADTS etc.) so that customers can use cheap reliable and performing payment systems.
In the Vending market, the interface with users has highly improved. First, we used alphanumeric LCD, then color TFT with or without touch screen and now HDMI connections supporting real TFT displays of more than 30”.
System audit as well has changed and improved a lot since the beginning. First GSM connections were widely used, subsequently WIFI or LAN connections with TCP/IP protocols and finally cashless system audit (like NAYAK) were introduced. Now we are able to develop IoT interfaces to manage single machines through smartphones or tablets.